Discover The Simplest and Most Rewarding Way To 
Learn Arabic
Millions of people around the world are not connecting to Allah's words?
We developed a special course to help you breakthrough.  
Discover The Simplest and Most Rewarding Way To Learn Arabic

Can't connect during prayer?  Unsure of what the Quran says?

Remove the language barrier between You and the Quran.

Transform yourself  in just 14 weeks.

 Receive the tools needed to remove the language barrier between You and the Quran.

Class Start Date: Feb 6th, 2017

Class End Date: May 11th, 2017

Class Sessions: 1 hr 30 min x 4 times a week

Lecture Timings: Morning or Evening

Mentor Session: 45 min each session x 4 time a week

Wasif Khan was born in Doha, Qatar and moved to the United States at the tender age of two. Being the youngest of four siblings, he was always motivated to excel in his studies. His keen interest in the Book of Allah led him to begin memorizing the Qur’an at a very young age.

In  2010, Wasif enrolled in Bayyinah's Dream Program where he was among the  top graduates of its first year. He then obtained his degree in Business Management and went on to work as a marketing professional for a  Fortune 100 company. While working full-time, Wasif taught a 1-year Quranic Arabic Program for Islamic Learning Foundation in Chicago. In  2014 Wasif graduated from Qalam Institute’s 1-year Islamic Seminary program directly under the tutelage of Shaykh Abdul Nasir Jangda.

After  completing his Islamic studies, Wasif has dedicated himself to teaching  Quranic Arabic. He has developed a curriculum custom-tailored for part time learners. Currently he teaches and serves as the program director for Bayyinah's Access and 10-Day Arabic Programs. Since 2014 he has taught Quranic Arabic to well over 4,000 students. The Access program is  particularly special to Wasif as he is a student of the program himself  and after seeing the impact it had on his understanding, has worked to offer it to as many students as possible!

Fuseina Mohamad was born in Seattle to Ghanaian parents. She was raised in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia and returned to the United States to complete higher education. She obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science from the University of Iowa and a Master’s in Information Systems from Illinois State University.

She has always had a deep interest in understanding the Qur’an and took
the opportunity to enroll in Bayyinah’s Dream Program. She graduated among the top students of Dream 2012. After graduating from the Dream program, Fuseina took on the responsibility of heading Bayyinah’s first Access Program and creating Bayyinah’s first custom tailored curriculum for part-time learners. She also started Bayyinah’s first continuing education program for graduates of the Dream and Access programs as well as, the first 10-Day Fundamentals of Classical Arabic courses for sisters only.

Alongside teaching, Sister Fuseina has continued higher Arabic studies
while also pursuing hifdh of Quran and Tajweed studies. In 2015 Sister Fuseina graduated from Qalam Institute’s 1-year Islamic Seminary program directly under the tutelage of Shaykh Abdul Nasir Jangda.

Junaid Ali grew up in Chennai,
India and moved to Canada at the age of 14. With his mother's motivation and guidance, he memorized the Quran after high school at the age of 18. Alongside memorization of the Quran, he pursued Arabic studied and later went on to teaching it at Al-Manarat Academy in Mississauga, Toronto.

He has always been inspired by the
beauty of the Quran and enjoyed delving deeper within it to discover its gems. This passion led him to join Bayyinah's Dream Program and graduate among the top of his class. He has been learning and teaching Arabic since 2012 and has successfully taught Access 1 and Access 2 courses. He is currently completing his Bachelor's Degree in Biology, Linguistics and Professional Writing from University of Toronto. He is an instructor for Bayyinah Institute and AlManarat Heights Private School.

Proven Bayyinah Curriculum Designed by Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan

Bayyinah exclusive materials to help you organize your thoughts, gems & notes.

A couple of surprise goodies to help you through your day

        +2 Special Bonuses 


  • Custom Bayyinah Curriculum: Textbook & Workbook designed to meet your needs. 
  • Bayyinah exclusive materials to help you organize your thoughts, gems & notes.
  • + Special Bonuses
Enjoy the first chapter of Ustadh Nouman's unreleased first book! 
Enjoy the first chapter of Ustadh Nouman's unreleased first book! 
  • Ask Questions
  • Learn Amazing Quran and Arabic Gems
  • Unlimited support from the Bayyinah Family
  • Connect with Others, Connect with the Quran

Certified Mentors 

Over 40 Bayyinah certfied mentors
to hold your hand step by step through this journey  

State-of-the-Art Student Portal 

All live sessions, group discussions, pdfs, 
class notes and materials will be available
in one, easy-to-use system.

Exclusive Access

All recording of live sessions and group 
discussions will be available for 1- year 
after the program. 
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • Access Certified Instructors providing you a top-notch education
  • Access Certified Mentors guiding you step by step
  • After fully completing this course, if you do not feel significantly closer to the Quran, we will give you a full refund. 
What if I start the course and I am not able to keep up?
 Or I simply do not have time?
You will have access to the recordings and all class material. In fact you'll have access to this for at least one year after the course ends.
How is the Access Course different from Arabic with Husna on Bayyinah TV?
1) Access provides a more structured approach with 4 set classes per week and weekly homework assignments and assessments. 
2) You will be provided with a Tutor who will serve as your mentor for the duration of the course and lead discussion sessions where you can ask any questions you have and review what was covered in class.
3) You will receive a welcome packet that will contain your textbooks, workbooks, and exclusive Bayyinah gear.
4) Access Online is the first of 3 courses that make up the Access Series that will lead you to a high level of Quranic Arabic understanding.
5) Access classes are LIVE and you will also be provided with all class recordings.
How much Arabic do I need to know to take this course?
This course is designed for beginners who have no background in Arabic grammar. We only require that students have the ability to read Quran in Arabic, even if it is at a slow pace.
What is the course tuition? Is there a payment plan?
The course tuition is $697. The course tuition includes all course materials and textbooks. A payment plan of $232.33/mo is available. Payment options are available to students upon registration for the class.
Can one registration be used by two or more people?
In order to receive two sets of course materials including textbooks and be registered as two people, you will need to place two orders.
 Is this course offered to those outside of the US?
The course is offered to anyone with an Internet connection regardless of where you live. We have had students from over 70 countries as we provide suitable timings for a range of timezones.
Are there scholarships offered for the course?
We offer limited scholarships per year to qualified students. Please direct all scholarship requests to
My question isn't answered here.
For additional information please contact us
What are the class timings?
We have 2 lecture timings available to choose from for your convenience.
A1 morning 8:00am - 9.30am CST
A1 evening 5:45pm - 7.15pm CST
Additionally, tutoring is available at 10 different timings throughout the day!
NOTE: If you are not able to make any of the live class timings mentioned above, we recommend students to watch the recordings of the class session and join live for the tutoring sessions which are available throughout the day
 How many hours do I need to study outside of class?
We recommend students to spend 30 minutes for each day of class to review notes and complete the homework.
What if I take the class and then decide it's not for me?
Is there a refund policy?
Pre-course start refund requests will be accepted if received before the second session of class. If student has filled out their information in the shipment details portion of the student portal, a refund will be processed only after return of the books to the Bayyinah office. 

100% Money Back Guarantee

At Bayyinah we strive to ensure that the courses we provide are beneficial for all of our students. At the end of this course it is our sincere goal that you learn more about the Quran than you knew before, and you gain a deeper appreciation for the beauty, eloquence and nuances of Allah’s Divine Book. We will make every reasonable effort required on our part to achieve this goal.

In turn, we recognize that students must also put in the required effort to achieve their success. We ask that you put forth the very best of your efforts to complete the course in full. Upon completion of the course, if you find that you did not benefit from this experience, then you may request a full refund during the last week of the class (from May 4th 2017 to May 11th, 2017 at 11:59PM CST).

Please note that once the course begins requests for refunds will not be entertained outside of the time frame stated above.
Will students receive certificates upon completion?
Students who complete the course with us will receive a course completion certificate. Students wanting an extra challenge may opt to complete the Final Project and will receive a Project Completion certification.
 What if I have to miss class?
We encourage students to make every effort to attend class, however we understand that sometimes circumstances do not permit this. Please inform your Tutor as soon as you know you will be missing a class, or soon after you are absent. Be sure to review the class recordings for that day and read the notes, as well as attempt the homework. If needed, arrange some extra time with your Access Tutor to review material that was missed.
What materials do I need for this class?
The course tuition will cover all the class textbooks and workbooks. Students should have any note taking material they need. They should also have a reliable high speed internet connection and a computer/laptop/tablet. 
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