ACCESS 2 Registration Now Closed
Semester Schedule
Class Start Date: Sept 25th, 2017 

Class End Date: Jan 5th, 2018

Lecture Sessions: 1 hr 30 min x 3 times a week

Lecture Timings:
 Morning Sessions - 7:30 - 9:00am CST
 Monday, Wednesday & Friday

Evening  Sessions - 6:00 - 7:30PM CST
Monday, Wednesday & Friday 

Mentor Session: 1 hr each session once a week on Sundays
Never Miss a Class, take an Access on the go
You can login into recorded or live sessions and discussion groups anytime and anywhere.  Email notifications are sent out before class so you never miss a class again. 

The Student Portal lets you access course materials on your tablet or mobile phone. 

Custom Student Portal
All live sessions, group discussions, pdfs, class notes and materials will be available in one, easy-to-use system. 

The portal is organized so that for each day, you may find links to the live sessions, discussion groups, and all related materials for that day. 

You will have complete access to this portal for an entire year after you sign-up.

Bayyinah Certified Mentors
Bayyinah certfied mentors guide you through each step of your journey.

We verify that each mentor can effectively teach all the all grammar concepts and has completed the necessary training to deliver exceptional instruction. 

All of our mentors have successfully completed the full-time Dream Intensive Program or the Access Program in its entirety and have gone through higher studies, ensuring that they are highly qualified to be your mentor. 
Tuition includes: books & materials (shipping including), access to all recording for up to one year. 
What your classmates are saying
With satisfied students in more than 80 countries, we’re confident that after you successfully complete the Access Course,  that we are offering a 100% full refund if you have not developed a new appreciation and understanding of the Qur'an
At Bayyinah we strive to ensure that the courses we provide are beneficial for all of our students. At the end of this course it is our sincere goal that you learn more about the Quran than you knew before, and you gain a deeper appreciation for the beauty, eloquence and nuances of Allah’s Divine Book. We will make every reasonable effort required on our part to achieve this goal.

In turn, we recognize that students must also put in the required effort to achieve their success. We ask that you put forth the very best of your efforts to complete the course in full. Upon completion of the course, if you find that you did not benefit from this experience, then you may request a full refund during the last week of the class.
What class materials do I need for this class?
The course tuition will cover all the class textbooks and exercise books. Students should have any note taking materials they need. Online students should have a reliable high speed internet connection, a computer, laptop or tablet.
 If I take the class online, will I be able to ask questions during class?
Yes, our customized virtual classroom equips students with the ability to ask questions in the Q&A section of the class.
 How many hours do I need to study outside of class?
We recommend that students should spend at least an hour at home for each day of class to review notes and complete the homework. Coursework also consists of a weekly i’rab assignment. Completion time varies by student but we recommend setting aside at least 1 hour a week for this assignment.
  What are the course prerequisites?
* Ability to read the Quran fluently and comfortably.
* Ability to write in Arabic 
* Strong foundation of basic Nahu and Sarf
  What if I have to miss class?
We encourage students to make every effort to attend class, however we understand that sometimes circumstances do not permit this. Please inform your Instructor as soon as you know you will be missing a class, or soon after you are absent. Be sure to review the class recordings for that day and read the notes, as well as attempt the homework. 

  What can I do to prepare before class starts?
To prepare for this course, we suggest students review Access 1 material. 
Arabic with Husna is also a valuable review tool for those with a Bayyinah TV subscription.

Students should be familiar with all the terms in the glossary at the end of the Nahwu book from Access 1, as we will no longer be using the English i’rab terminology, only the Arabic i’rab terminology.

In addition to this we recommend that you begin to practice your Arabic handwriting by downloading this PDF, printing it, and completing it.
  When does Access 2 begin?
Access 2 will begin on Sept 25th, 2017 inshAllah.

  What is the course tuition? Is there a payment plan?
The course tuition is $398, you will have the option to pay it all at once, or in 3 equal installments of $132.66. The course tuition includes all course materials and textbooks. Online students will have their course textbooks mailed to them directly to their home address.

  How much Arabic do I need to know to take this course?
Access 2 is meant for those who have a firm grasp of the concepts covered in Access 1. In terms of grammar, the student should be confident in differentiating between verb and noun sentences as well as possessing familiarity with performing basic grammatical analysis (irab) and identifying more complex structures like embedded sentences and ism mawsool fragments. When it comes to sarf, knowledge of mazeed feehi and mujarrad fi’ls are considered requisite knowledge for the course. Please take the self-assessment to see if you fulfill the requirements. If you do not fulfill these requirements, please consider our Access Online offering or find a local Access onsite class near you. Click here to take this self-assessment to see if you qualify.

  Are there any scholarships being offered?
If you are interested in the program, but need a scholarship, please email
 What if I start the class and then decide it’s not for me?
Refund Amount Date:
100% Refund - Sept 25th 11:59PM CST
75% Refund -  Oct 25th 11:59PM CST
50% Refund - Nov 25th 11:59PM CST
25% Refund -  Dec 25th 11:59PM CST
Refund will be processed upon the reciept of the course textbook and welcome packet. 
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