Arabic with Husna: 
Teaching Mastery Workshop

Take your teaching skills to the next level!

Picture This
A parent walks into the Arabic classroom for a parent teacher conference. The disappointed parent, who doesn't speak arabic himself, asks the teacher why his child can't speak in Arabic even after being in the school for 4 years. The frustrated teacher tries to explain to the parent that the classroom is diverse, and many children forget what they learn over the summer. And usually when new students join they have to start over from the beginning to get everyone on the same page each year. The parent, still disappointed, continues to complain on the lack of progress for the class and threatens to take his complaints to the school board.

This scenario occurs every year in Arabic Classrooms for Islamic Schools around the globe, especially in the West. The master workshop will take your Arabic classroom to the next level. The workshop will help re-invent the way educators build the leaders of the next generation. 

This workshop includes advice, tips, and training for teachers to successfully implement the Arabic with Husna Curriculum that Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan meticulously crafted using his 15 years of teaching experience. So that next time your school has a parent teacher meeting, the STUDENT will be the one showing his parents how successful the Arabic class has been!

Who is this for?
The Arabic with Husna: Master Workshop is for teachers, administrators, and even aspiring educators who want to re-invent Arabic classrooms, especially if they have diverse students in their classrooms. This workshop will equip teachers with training from one of the masters of teaching the Arabic language, Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan. 
What's the workshop about?
In the workshop Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan will share with you what he learned from his years of experience teaching the Arabic language all around the world. He will show you techniques on how to present new concepts, what to expect from students, and most importantly how to keep your students attention glued to the teachers. In addition to all of the things that teachers should do, Ustadh Nouman will even share what not to do which is of equal importance.
Exclusive Highlights 
Ustadh Nouman Day 1 Play Video
Ustadh Obaidullah Day 2 Locked
Adnan Jalali Day 2 Locked
Ustadh Nouman Day 2 Locked

*From the first lecture

Workshop Instructors
Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan
Bayyinah Founder
Adnan Jalali
Leadership Coach & Founder of The Jalali Group
Ustadha Fuseina Mohamad 
Access Instructor
Ustadh Obaidullah Ahmad
Dream Instructor
"The workshop was very beneficial for me as a principal to understand the curriculum and how it is taught. This will help me explain it to the board members, the parents, and even the community so they know what benefits you get out of the training and curriculum."
Br. Ziad Abdullah, Principal 
"As a teacher I learned a lot from attending all the sessions especially when Br. Nouman talked about how to introduce concepts, how to process it into student minds, and how to evaluate whether the students processed the knowledge or not. Alhamdulilah we also enjoyed the session on how to be a better teacher in the classroom with Mr. Jalali. He showed the culture of the classroom and the mindset teachers should have."
Sr. Sana, Teacher
"What I like about this training is that it not only explains the curriculum and how we can use it but it also gives us tips on how to become better teachers ourselves." 
Sr. Mirna Naqib, Teacher
What else will you get?
 Teacher Support 
(Value $500+)
We all know planning a class schedule is one of the most important parts of a classroom. So we have simplified that for the teachers.

1. Syllabus

    Our syllabus breaks down and lays out a suggested plan to save you time. You can use the suggested plan to have a successful week, month and year.

   2. Quizzes and Tests

    A collection of carefully crafted quizzes and tests to assess your students' knowledge in the best way possible for this curriculum. 

3. Answer Keys

 Additionally, answer keys will be provided for all exercises. To save your time as a teacher even more so that you can focus on making your classroom experience even better.
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